Neurological Scan Detects 
Neurological Scan Detects 
 The Underlying Cause Of 
 The Underlying Cause Of 
Many Health Conditions
Many Health Conditions
And Reveals The Exact Formula 
And Reveals The Exact Formula 
 To Trigger Natural Healing
 To Trigger Natural Healing
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We Truly Respect Your Privacy. 
Your Information Is 100% Safe With Us!
Dr. Luc Lemire & Nancy Penttila
Dr. Luc Lemire & Nancy Penttila
Dr. Luc Lemire is a Timmins Chiropractor that has been in clinical practice since 2001, and has recently been named as one of America’s Premier Experts® in recognition of his success and knowledge as a Best-Selling Author and International Speaker.  

Dr. Lemire is the president, founder and research director of the Whole Body Wellness Centre & InnerMiracles.com. He has also served on the Canadian National Chiropractic Examining Board, a nutritional Scientific Advisory Board, and as the chapter President of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

Nancy Penttila is an internationally recognized hypnotherapist and holistic healer that has trained and worked with world renowned doctors, healers & meditation masters that have credited her as being ‘revolutionary’ and ‘ranking amongst the best healers in the world’ and ‘having the potential to make an eternal imprint on humanity’ with her powerful intuition, pure energy, gifted hands and her love for the human spirit.

Many have even called her one of the most sought-after healers of our time, and because of the outstanding results she achieves, she is becoming recognized as a leading authority in the field of psychoneurophysiology.

This dynamic duo is well known in the Health and Wellness industry for specializing in the field of preventing and reversing diseases naturally, and their work has been featured on major media outlets such as: ABC, NBC, CTV, CBS, FOX & Hay House Radio.
Listen To These Raving Reviews From Patients!
Watch this amazing video to see how Dr. Luc's work is transforming lives!
One Woman Avoided A Double Lung Transplant!
Watch what these people have to say about how Nancy's work changed them!
What Celebrities Are Saying About Them
Read about what all these celebrities have to say about Dr. Luc & Nancy!
Dr. Luc Lemire & Nancy Penttila Endorsements
Dr. Luc Lemire Free Webinar
Dr. Luc Lemire Free Webinar
You're About To Discover The Same Strategies Dr. Luc Has Taught Thousands Of People At His Live Events And With His Wellness Videos... 
You're About To Discover The Same Strategies Dr. Luc Has Taught Thousands Of People At His Live Events And With His Wellness Videos... 
Except You're Getting It FREE!!!
How To Thrive In The Face Of Grief
How To Thrive In The Face Of Grief
A proven system to heal your heart through grief, find meaning in your loss and love your life again.
This program will be opening for enrollment soon, and those who are on this early bird waiting list will receive extra bonuses that will not be available to the general public when doors open up for them!  Sign up now...
New Patient Discount & Savings Package
What To Expect On Your First Visit
Welcome! Congratulations on exploring our Wellness Centre to see if our vision and mission resonate with you and your goals. Dr. Luc has been quoted as being one of the greatest healers of our time and there's a reason for that - he genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients and treats every one of them as though they were one of his own family members. You'll feel the warmth and kindness the moment you walk into the Whole Body Wellness Centre, and you'll immediately sense Dr. Luc's compassion for humanity the moment you meet him. Click the button below to discover exactly what you'll experience during your initial consultation, and what FREE gifts you'll get 
Services with Dr. Luc
Dr. Luc Lemire Timmins Chiropractor
Chiropractic & Computerized Nerve Scan
Dr. Luc evaluates all of his patients with the same computerized scan NASA uses with their astronauts! This is the most technologically advanced nerve scan in the world and appears to be the only one available in Northern Ontario! This computerized analysis provides him with an understanding of how your nervous system is functioning and helps him identify the underlying cause of your health problems. Click below to learn more... You're about to discover how this one click may very well lead to changes in your life and your health that will last forever!
Dr. Luc Lemire Timmins Custom Orthotics
Custom Orthotics & Computerized Foot Scan
You're about to really discover what the idiom "a picture is worth a thousand words" really means. Dr. Luc evaluates all of his patients with the TOG Gaitscan, which is the most technologically advanced foot scan available on the market. This computerized analysis provides him with 3D images of how your feet are functioning. This in turn translates into an entire story of 'thousands of words' when you know how to interpret this vital data! Find out how you might just be one step away from finding a solution to your health problems!
Services With Nancy Penttila
Nancy Penttila Reconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing 
Nancy Penttila is a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner that is transforming lives globally with her gifted hands. This unique healing art form is transforming lives in ways that most Medical Doctors say is impossible. It's now your turn to allow the full expression of life to shine... click below and begin your journey of healing and transformation today!
Nancy Penttila Clinical Hypnotist
Clinical Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psych-K 
Nancy Penttila is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist that can help you overcome barriers that may reside in your subconscious mind. She is also a Certified Master NLP & Psych-K Practitioner. She combines all these healing arts together to bring about shifts in health that are said to be miraculous by many! If you're ready to embark on a healing journey, click below and explore the healing packages that she offers...
Services With Melanie Maltais
Products At The Whole Body Wellness Centre
Self-Help Audio Programs & Online Courses
Dr. Luc and his wife Nancy Penttila have spent the last 20 years studying what the healthiest people alive are doing to prevent and reverse diseases, and they've condensed all of that knowledge into their proprietary technology they've trademarked as "Neuro-Rhythmic Repatterning". These precision engineered audio programs are literally transforming people's lives around the world... maybe you could be next to experience one of these masterpieces!
Health & Wellness Products
Our Wellness Centre also carries a number of products that can help support you on your journey to better health. Many of our products will also help speed up your recovery time... explore them now and find out how we can help you achieve optimal health and well-being!
Live Events with Dr. Luc & Nancy
Lunch & Learn Workshops
As a service to the community, Dr. Luc and Nancy provide educational awareness to local businesses in the form of Lunch & Learn workshops. These fun and entertaining events will keep your staff motivated and teach them principles that will benefit both them and your business. If these unique programs interest you, feel free to explore more here and call us soon as our speaking schedule fills up fast! 
Company Health Fairs
Dr. Luc, Nancy and their team are also available to set up an exhibitor booth at any local health fair that is being held in Timmins. Their booth is extremely professional and our staff is always on top of their game to provide your event with top quality service. WARNING:  We don't do draws at our table, because we feel that every single person should be a winner!  Yes that's right - each and every person will leave with a $100 Gift Certificate that they can use in our Wellness Centre! 
Health & Wellness Seminars
Dr. Luc and his wife Nancy Penttila also offer FREE Health & Wellness Seminars on a regular basis in their community in their attempt to give people a chance to prevent and reverse diseases naturally! If you are interested in coming to one of our live events, contact us today to reserve your seat as they fill up quickly!
Private Luxury Wellness Retreats
Dr. Luc and his wife Nancy Penttila can take you on a spiritual journey where you will learn to discover yourself from a perspective you've never explored. During these multi-day events you will discover the most cutting edge strategies to create the life of your dreams while achieve health mastery. However, due to the intimate nature of these events, they are unfortunately not available to everyone. They are by application only because the group size is extremely limited. Find out more now...
Books by Dr. Luc
7 Secrets Your Doctor May Have Never Told You About Your Health & Your Spine
This is Dr. Luc's newest book and it will dramatically change your understanding of health! As you explore the content, you will acquire the tools that are needed to take your health and your life to the next level! Get your FREE copy today and share it with everyone you love!
The Winning Way
Brian Tracy, Dr. Luc and other experts from around the world wrote this book to teach you strategies that will greatly impact your life. You will be given step by step breakdowns of how to reach your full potential and specific blueprints to change your health, wealth and relationships. And as a gift from me to you, I'd personally like to get this book in your hands FREE! Take advantage of this offer now as it may not be available much longer!
7 Dangerous Habits That Are Threatening Your Health And What You Must Understand To Reduce Your Odds Of Premature Death
Dr. Luc and his wife Nancy Penttila clearly outline why humans are now the sickest animal species alive and what you must do now to avoid dying earlier than you were meant to. It's a fact that 95-98% of ALL diseases are caused by improper lifestyle choices you're making. Do you know what these dangerous habits are? If not, get your FREE copy today - treat this document as though your health depends on it... because it does!
International Clients
Distance Healing & Wellness Coaching
Over the past 20 years, Dr. Luc and Nancy have helped transform thousands of people's lives both locally and globally. They have clients from around the world that have benefited from their teachings and wellness coaching that they offer. Explore these options if you are in search of natural solutions that are clinically tested and proven to dramatically shift your health!
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